You are RIGHT where you need to BE!

You are EXACTLY where you need to be right now. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a newbie to fitness, it's your journey. Own it, learn from it and stay focused. Love who you are now so you can enjoy who you will be later!

  • Focus on one positive thing.
  • Do not let one set back discourage you. 
  • Never put yourself down.  
  • There is only ONE of you.  Be who YOU are.
  • Choose to be Happy and full of Joy.  No one is allowed to take that from you.
  • If you are a good person, be a good person.  If you think you are a bad person. . .change it immediately and don't look back.
  • The journey to becoming better will challenge you.  Know that, take on the challenges and come out on the other side better, stronger and a teacher for others.
  • Love yourself right now...just as you are so that later you are truly comfortable in your own skin. Not only will you be happy so will everyone else around you.