So, you just started a new workout and you are excited. The first day is here.  It is challenging, it is taking you out of your comfort zone but you know you are one step closer to becoming a better you. One step closer to a new body.

Then, the next day hits and it hits HARD!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I can't get out of bed, those stairs look extra high and now you want me to bend down and put my shoes on? I think I will just go to work in my pajamas because to move my body to get into my clothes seems impossible!

You have just entered the world of DOMS, Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness that happens 24 to 72 hours after an intense or unaccustomed workout.  It happens to the best of us, newbies and advanced athletes alike.  Your body has been challenged, it needs to adapt to the intensity of the workout. It's going to be a little painful. . .OK. . . A LOT PAINFUL! 

What has happened, your muscle fibers have been broken down to rebuild back up.  They have been shocked and WILL RECOVER if you continue to move and not give up.  Your body is beginning to build a stronger base and increase muscle to help reshape your body and burn fat. As you know, anything that goes through change has to experience some discomfort in order to get to the good stuff. . .so don't give up!  Here's an example that works for me and many of my clients.

DAY #1 New Workout: Challenging, scary but you are doing it!

DAY #2 DOMS sets in:  UGH!

  • Keep moving with an EASY walk or jog depending on the intensity of your pain.
  • Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and provide oxygen for muscle recovery/building.
  • Feed your body proteins, vitamins & minerals (through rich color vegetables/fruits) and carbohydrates.  Your muscles need to be fed in order to successfully recover from DOMS and build a stronger base for future, progressive workouts.

DAY #3 Getting Back Into: Do not give up on your workout.  Stay on track, work hard and know when you go through change, there will be some tough roads you will travel but you reach your goal!

DAY #4 Start redirecting your mental strength.  Now that you have 3 days under your belt and pushing through the 4th day, celebrate what you have already accomplished and keep moving into Day #5, #6 and etc.!  


Good luck and don't let a little muscle soreness slow you down.

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