Now that my favorite fitness program Les Mills has teamed up with athletic clothing giant Reebok. . .I have to say I am VERY excited!

The love for Reebok started with their training shoes and Les Mills/Reebok gear.  I noticed right away that the fabric is breathable, the shoes are light and the relationship between the fashion & function is perfect.   Particularly for high performance workouts. 

Reebok has definitely found their true market footing through grass-root athletes and hard core Cross-fitters.  Reebok gives a voice to those who work hard to stay healthy and fit through High Intensity Training without a lot of fluff.  Athletes can sport their gear in the gym or on the streets and look good no matter where they are.  

 Official Reebok Affiliate. . .Live With Fire!

Official Reebok Affiliate. . .Live With Fire!

If you have been lucky to purchase any of their latest gear, you may have received their new RALLY magazine. It's a fantastic "Look Book" of product that not only convinces you that you need everything in their spring line but it also serves as a great motivational tool for you to keep, tear and share while moving through your individual fitness journey! You have to check it out!

Click here. . .RALLY.  

Today I am going to share my number one favorite Reebok product,  the CrossFit Nanossage shoe.  

After teaching and training throughout the week,  I noticed that the bottom of my feet were very sore feet.  I would literally step out of the bed in the mornings like an old lady. . .well. . .like a much OLDER lady dreading to make it to the bathroom!

While purchasing LM/Reebok gear, I came across these Reebok Nanossage shoes and purchased my first pair of Nano's about 3 or 4 months ago in the Grey/Punch color.  When I started to wear them, they conformed to my feet in about 2 days and on that second day of wearing them. . .my feet felt a HECK of a lot better! I was so addicted that I just purchased another pair a month ago in Reebok's Navy/Orange color combo and I know I need to stop wearing them from time to time but it's HARD!!! I wear them when I am not working out and to the office!  I have no more pain in my feet!

The Nanossage Shoe is inspired by the foam roller and is made with Ultrasft cushioned C43 Foam.  They are machine washable and have a high density toe cap for added durability and modest protection.  They are very affordable starting at $65.  I highly recommend this shoe to kick around in and recover after a long run / hard workout.  

Get yours!