It's FRIDAY and THANK GOODNESS! Whether the week went by fast or slow for you, Friday usually puts a smile on our face and a little bounce in our step because it's time to break away from the norm and get the weekend going!  Either way, getting a good workout in to start or finish the day is just as important as it was on Monday or Tuesday.  FIT BIT FACT: It will relieve stress, get your heart rate up and motivate you to do a little more than you would have if you didn't work out. 



I am a TRUE BELIEVER that music is a great way to get you going.  Whether you are into rock, country or hip hop. . .turn it up and get you going.  A mix is the best way to keep the mood up and the intensity of your workout high.  My favorite music mixes come from ROCKMYRUN hands down! They have so many mixes to choose from that will motivate and congratulate your workout.  

 MIX FAVORITES:  Mix Mash Move /  Breakin' A Sweat / Pure Power Pop


Les Mills BodyPump, Fitness Bootcamps, Crossfit, Personal Training Session or just workout from home. . .Make sure your workout is rewarding FOR YOU! On a Friday, it's great to mix it up and make sure that you get a little cardio as well as a full body workout.  You don't have to go that hard but enough to get your heart rate up.  

This week's favorite workout:  

  • 4 min warmup jog
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 6 hip flexor stretches each leg
  • 8 side lunges each leg
  • 10 sagittal jumping jacks
  • 30 second rest
  • 10 push ups
  • 20 jumping squats
  • 10 jack knife crunches
  • 2 minute run
  • 30 arm punches above the head
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 tricep dips
  • 2 minute run 
  • Static Stretching for 15 minutes

HELLO! You have to take care of yourself sometimes before you take care of others.  If you don't know how to do it for yourself, how will you effectively do it for others? If that's getting your hair done, getting a pedicure/manicure or even a nice massage. . .make sure you get it done.  You can do it yourself or get a professional but take AT LEAST an hour out for yourself.

This would have to be my favorite one.  FITNESS FOR THE HEART! Time to grab your family, friends or the friends you made your family and KICK IT! For some of your Friday doesn't mean anything because you have to work the weekend.  So, text a family member or friend to pop in and see you while you work.  It will fill your heart with happiness and remind you that you are truly loved!