What's slowing you down? An old injury, a change in the weather or you're just not feeling it? Trust me, I get it but you know it doesn't have to last for long. Of course, it's up to you to stop with the excuses and get moving! Check out my short list of things you can do to get you moving and stay fit.

A Pair of Brand New Kicks!  

When I crack open a box of brand new shoes, I have to admit a little tingle comes over me and I can not WAIT to test a new pair kicks! There are so many new colors, designs and overall incredible training shoes out there, there is no excuse not to move.


Find a Good Workout Partner.  


When you know someone is waiting for you to workout with them, you do not want to disappoint.  Especially when they are kind of cute and just fun to be around. So, find a great partner, sync up your calendar and set the alarm not to be late. 

Change it UP!

Sometimes we tend to stick with the one or two sports that fit our comfort zone.  But, if you step outside the box and try something new, you can get stronger and possibly prevent future injuries. How? By using different muscle groups and moving your body in directions that is new to your body.  

Set Realistic Goals. 

Understand that everyone is different from the inside and out. Don't start a new workout plan by comparing yourself to someone else. Know your abilities and start there. If you can walk a mile, then walk a mile. If you can only lift a pound or two, then lift a pound or two. Just start to move, be consistent with your workouts and you will get stronger day by day.

Reward Yourself!

This is when it gets FUN!  After you have done all of the above do something good for yourself. A massage, pedicure or another brand new pair of shoes! LOL!  Something that makes you smile.

 I hope these tips help.  

So, get motivated and get moving!


What's on your playlist? Adding music to your workout can change the game! Whether you love hip-hop, pop or country, grab your tunes and hit the gym. When you zone out to your favorite tunes, you can increase your chances of having a stronger and more motivating workout.