Love'n those Lunges. . .Really?


Lunges are one of the most hated exercises but one of the most effective.  Ok, I shouldn’t say one of the “hated” exercises. . .it’s just not my favorite.  Having said that, my legs look better, they are definitely stronger and I can do more in/out of the gym.  For athletes at any level, lunges are the most effective functional exercise out there.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from lunges. Hot legs, tight "bootah" and a massive thighs! Ok. . .right. . .sure.  Check out the real benefits below and "get the lungen"!



1) Strong butt and hard core legs.  When you run, jump or kick, that power comes from your backside and legs, particularly your butt, hamstrings and quadriceps. Lunges trigger every muscle fiber in your butt in thighs when done correctly.  The stronger your legs, the power you produce doing your favorite sport.

2) Taking on the Balance Challenge.  Lunges work each leg one at a time.  Having the correct form, range of motion and proper weight selection can strengthen each leg accordingly.  It forces your body to stay balanced with the challenge of weights and movement working together yet, against each other.

3)  Flexible Hips. . .Shake’m to the left and Shake’m to the right!  When you have flexible hips you not only have a better range of motion, you help relieve lower back pain as well.  When you hips are not flexible, it pulls at your lower back and effects posture.  Keeping your hips strong yet flexible benefits more than just your legs.  All these components of your body must work together in order to be effective.

4)  More for the Core is in store.  When doing lunges “correctly” your chest needs to be upright, shoulders back and away from your ears.  With all these technicalities in place, it’s your core that is working hard to keep your body upright.  Oh yeah, it can help build that 6-pack baby!


5) Give the spine a break! MY GOODNESS. . .LOL!  When lifting weights, especially when using your back, the spine can take a beating.  Lunges do not require that you have the weight on your back.  Taking the option to have weights in your hands or simply have your hands on your hips can provide relief to your spine.  You will still feel the effects of lunges. . .trust me! :)

Look, If you don’t like lunges, it’s OK, you are not alone but when you start to see results, I bet lunges become your new best friend.  When you start to feel the burn, fight through it, focus on your posture, range of motion and your fitness goals.  That burn is change happening and it’s only temporary so that you can have permanent results. . .stronger, leaner and yes. . .sexier legs!