Cold Weather and Staying Active

Last night I was invited by to join in on a twitter chat to discuss how women stay active during the cold, winter season. Even though I now live in San Diego, I am VERY familiar with those long cold St. Charles, Missouri winter days and nights that seem to never end. I vividly remember training in the snow during indoor college track season. I had a very tough coach and he didn't care how cold it was or how high the snow fell the night before, we had to get our miles in.  My roommate was on the distance team and she taught me how to smother Vaseline all over my face just to keep it from freezing over.  I thought she was crazy but I tried it and it worked! 

Believe it or not, northern San Diego temperatures drop A LOT during those late night hours and into the early morning.  It can get as low as 36 degrees before it quickly rises to 70-75 degrees.  It's crazy here during the winter season.  But I am always prepared and ready to go when I am knee deep in training for my next running event or just to feed my need to stay in top shape. #fitnessfreak  

Even though I missed the group chat, I read through all the questions from last nights Twitter chat lead by EmpowHER ! You can also check out their website at . is a great resource of information from cooking recipes to serious health concerns you may have about yourself or a loved one.  Again, here are some of the questions from last night #HERchat.  I provided my answers and suggestions to help keep you motivated and active!

Q1) How does cold weather affect your exercising and activity level? NIC: Cold weather definitely slows down my day.  It is harder to get out of bed, be motivated to hit the pavement and complete a planned workout.  The idea of leaving a warm, comfortable bed for a pair of cold running shoes and light training gear is never appealing to me and that's when I need a workout partner to keep me accountable.

Q2) What's your favorite way to stay active when it's cold outside.  NIC: Luckily, being a group fitness instructor, I workout with my participants.  So, I make sure that I not only lead, but get a good sweat on as well.  It keeps the class engaged and pushes them to keep going.  So, heading to my favorite gym and working out with others is my favorite way of staying active.

Q3) How do you stay focused on fitness during the holidays, with family and distractions? NIC: My entire family has come to the conclusion I am a crazy, fitness freak.  So, they don't fight me when it's time to get away and workout.  But the biggest thing that helps keep me focused. . .thinking of the first day of spring or summer when I am ready to wear the itty-bitty shorts or a sports bra.  If I slack during the winter season, I will definitely pay for it later...I am no "young chick" anymore!

Q4) Do you have a New Year's Resolution yet? What are they? NIC: I haven't set a "must do" New Year's Resolution because I don't believe in them but I have set some goals.  I want to be a huge voice and provide others with valuable fitness information, help transform lives through exclusive, personal training and be at my physical, spiritual and mental best in 2015.  

To learn more about EmpowHER, go to  You can also follow them on Twitter @EmpowHER.  Stay Warm, Stay Active and Keep Moving!