RECOVERY it's time to train differently

If some of you are like me, once you get started with something that really MOVES you, you cannot seem to stop.  It takes over your mind and your goals seem like they are a breath away.  So you keep pushing and pushing and pushing yourself until. . .O M G!. . .you hit a MAJOR WALL!  Yep, you get injured, your range of motion is extremely limited or you start to have problems sleeping.  This is what you call overtraining and not allowing your body to recover properly.  

It's funny, the other morning when I was checking out from my early morning strength class I over heard a trainer talking to one of his clients.  She was complaining about her shoulder, legs and lack of sleep.  In the same breath she started to name all workouts that she had completed in the past 3 days, the one she missed and the others that were coming up later in the week. Her trainer asked her one question "What did I tell you about recovery?".

Recovery has to be part of your training plan.  Whether it's a full day of recovery, recovering right after a hard workout or giving your body a week or two weeks to recover from a major event. . .it plays a major part to help your body work at it's best at all times.


About a week ago, @GotChocoMilk and @FitFluential ambassadors talked about recovery in a live tweet session.  It was awesome reading, tweeting and sharing ideas on recovery.  One thing was for certain, the @FitFluential ambassadors know how to recover! . . .Foam Roller anyone


Below are some great ways to recover from a hard workout or long run.  I would tell you how I am recovering right now while typing this blog but it would be very "Fit Fluential" of me. So, below and enjoy.

Chocolate Milk 

It's not just for the kids anymore.  Studies have shown that drinking chocolate after a major event will help restore your body with the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins needed to get you back on track.  To learn more read Got Chocolate Milk? 

Hydration. . .aka. . .WATAHHH!

No need to remind you that it is Water Wednesday. . .just say'n. Water is ESSENTIAL for our bodies. Water keeps our organs juicy  to work efficiently.  Water provides oxygen to our muscles and yes, I typed "juicy". . .what?


As stated above, protein is definitely important after a hard core workout.  I am always telling my classes to get their protein in within the hour AFTER we have completed a strength training class. Protein helps rebuild and repair muscle.  Find the formula, calculate the numbers and make sure your body is getting the right amount of protein it needs.

Static Stretching

Oh My GOODNESS! As much as I need to share this with you, I need to listen myself.  When we are done working out. . .we are DONE working out and we are not thinking about another 10-15 minutes of stretching.  But you HAVE TO STRETCH! It is so important to realign your body and prevent your muscles from tightening up.  Make sure the static stretches that you perform are relative to your body, sport and fitness level.

Foam Rolling and Full Body Massage

A Full Body Massage not only feels AMAZING, at times it is a necessity.  If you tend to tighten quickly after working out and stretching doesn't seem to be working, try a nice one hour massage.  Massages are a great way to make sure your muscles stay lose and ready to go.  When your muscles have been over-worked they can start to pull at your skeletal alignment and cause injury.   A Foam Roller is another great way to massage the body.  Also known as the "poor man's massage or self body massage", the different techniques to get all the kinks out make this method just as effective.

Rest and S L E E P

I am learning the hard way that I am not 25 any more!  I need my rest and some SLEEP!  I think I just committed to a 30 Day Sleep Challenge and I keep looking at the clock and typing away at this blog.  I think I will make it. . .I think. . .oh. . .it's getting close! Minimum hours of sleep a night? . . .7 . . .SEVEN! I was hoping it was 4 or 5 but it's not, it's 7 and I have to go to bed soon! But you can join the challenge and read more at #The30SleepChallenge brought to you by @mplsrunning! Thanks @pavementrunner . . . I think.  LOL!

Don't forget to RECOVER and HAVE FUN DOING IT!

 Proof that I actually sit down and put my feet up once in awhile!

Proof that I actually sit down and put my feet up once in awhile!


Nicol Hodges

Nicol Hodges aka "Nic" is fitness professional (NASM, CPT/PES) and product designer living in San Diego, CA. Nicol's athletic background started in her hometown of St. Charles, MO where she earned her 400m state ranking 3 years in a row. Later, at the University of MO, Columbia she earned 8-Big 12 Track and Field titles and a championship title. Nicol currently continues her love for running by competing in local and national running events.