Thinking OUT of the BOX. . .workout on the Ocean!



For years I have done workouts that require a weight, some running shoes and a gym but today I decided to do something different.  Instead of heading to the gym I went paddle boarding!  Yes, paddle boarding and loved it!  Oh, not only that, I got a serious workout too!!!  

My good friend Rob introduced me to paddle boarding.  He comes into the office every morning with his hair wet and shares short stories about his daily paddle boarding adventures. I listen and I am quite fascinated but all I hear is shark and water. . .he doesn't use those words and there are no shark stories but that's what I hear.

So, Tuesday night was the night to DO IT and I did!  Can I just say, tomorrow's class is going to hurrrrrttt and I didn't paddle that long! While I seat here and type away, my back, butt and legs are POPP'N in places, I didn't think could POP (aka SORE).  Don't get me wrong, it's one of those good sore feelings that you want to complain about but you can't because you know the results will benefit you later.  You just have to get through the pain of it all.    

Needless to say paddle boarding IS a great workout.  I have learned that paddle boarding is very popular with celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few.  For me it was a challenge because I am not a fan of the water (pool or beach) and I am not too hot about unstable surfaces but I got through it.  



Core training on the ocean.  When you have an unbalanced surface like a paddle board on water, you need a lot of stability. This is where your core (aka ABDOMINAL) muscles kick in to help grip the deck of the paddle board through your feet.   Your core also comes into play when you learn how to stroke the paddle effectively giving you a great core rotational workout as well.

Body weight training is BIG right now and paddle boarding is another way to get good body weight training.  As you balance yourself on the board you are moving and shifting your body weight between your feet and upper body.  You are using your arms and shoulder when paddling to push water away from you to move the board (aka RESISTANCE TRAINING).  Your knees are slightly bent for balance and your feet are planted a little outside of your hips to help build a strong base on the board (aka SQUATS).  Literally, every muscle begins to shift up, down and side-to-side for balance and stability.  It's a great way to strengthen all of your muscles and it's fun! 

For my first time, I didn't do so bad.  Well, I did fall once and nearly crashed into some rocks but nothing broken.  LOL!  Hey, I didn't get hurt, there was no drowning (in shallow water) and no sharks wanted to eat me tonight.  It's all good in the beach hood!  HA!

Now, until tomorrow when I start to really feel it!  OUCH!. . . 

Thanks, Rob.