Society loves to put people into a box.  If you are rich, you go in the rich box.  If you are poor, the poor box.  If you are tall, you go into the tall box and if you are short, of course the short box.  We see it every day in magazines, television and in our own environment.  If you don't fit a particular box, you are OUT OF THERE! 

What's cool about being a fitness instructor is that when I teach a class there are at least 30 people that I stand in front of on a daily.  The one thing that I observe each time is how different each person is.  No matter if a couple comes together or girlfriends take the class, everyone is very different in how they look, stand and talk to one another.  There are older people, younger people and everything in between.  They are all there for the same reason, to workout and be in better shape.  Will they get the same results? Of course not, because we are all different.


One thing that drives me crazy is the idea that when a person works out and if they workout hard enough they are told they will fit into a certain box that society has created.  I know that we all have goals and that we all want a certain look and a certain group of friends but will that truly bring happiness and a healthier "overall" lifestyle?

Your uniqueness, all the things you are desperately trying to change is what makes you, YOU!  Of course, not being in shape is never good but being in shape for the RIGHT REASONS should be your goal.  

Staying in your lane on the track and not trying to dip into someone else's lane will keep you in the race, at your own pace and successfully finish with winning results.  

Here are a few things that you should consider when it comes to working out and building a NEW YOU: 

  • Everyone is different.  From the inside and out.  We all have been uniquely made and when we were created, our Creator knew exactly what He was doing when He did it.
  • Different people will get different results.  I remember running Track in college and a team mate and I worked out HARD together everyday.  I noticed the changes in her body and my body were VERY different.  No matter who hard I tried to get her legs and she tried to get my stomach, our DNA, our body types just didn't allow it.
  • Looking like a model is not YOU.  Did you know that most models in the magazines are barely 21 years of age? I am not sure if I am getting older or the models are getting younger but it's hard to achieve their hair and skin because most of them just left the womb! LOL! Designers and magazine editors are getting a bit better at meeting the public's need for individuality but there is still a very long way to go.  If you are 40 don't compete with a 18 year old model.  Be happy where you are right now so that you can make effective and realistic goals for yourself! Learn what your ideal body type should be by going to the doctor or working with a personal trainer.  If they are trying to put you in a box. . .get a new doctor and personal trainer.  
  • Lady GaGa has over 300 million Twitter followers.  LOL! That's a crazy stat to know but Lady GaGa is as different as it get!  GaGa may have her issues but she is not afraid to be herself.  She strives to accentuate her individuality and doesn't let anyone dictate who she is or what she should look like.  If everyone could do that, what an amazing society we could have and less stress on being that ideal model for everyone else.
  • Getting your 30 minutes on a day.  Be active and do at least 30 minutes a day.  You can walk, run, jump or crawl. . .just move and get that heart rate up!   Remember, 30 minutes will improve your life by 10%!

Right now, I am trying to teach my girls how to be themselves.  It's the hardest thing to teach an 11 year old and a 15 year old but I am trying.   They may not get it now but it will eventually sink in and they will embrace it.  In the meantime, have a great week, happy running and fitness and let's get moving!