Portia Page is a master pilates instructor, presenter and author of  Pilates Illustrated.  Portia is a gold certified Pilates teacher through Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), a Pilates Education Project Manager at Balanced Body and more importantly an overall incredible woman and friend. 

Today, Portia will be showing us a simple, yet very effective “Criss Cross” exercise that will strengthen your core through proper alignment and breathing.  This exercise will improve your anterior sling-system which runners need to propel forward and run faster! 

The sling-system that Portia is referring to is also known as the anterior oblique system where the muscles shown work together.  The oblique abdominal muscles and the opposite adductor muscles via the anterior abdominal fascia work together to accelerate the body forward.

When properly doing the criss cross exercise along with Pilate style breathing,  your muscles tend to work harder to help build stronger muscles faster.  Happy Running!


                             The Anterior Sling System

                            The Anterior Sling System

Posted on July 9, 2013 .