Motivational Monday

Motivational Mondays are so much more than getting your body to move.  It's also about getting your mind in a positive state.  A strong state that will help keep you on the "up and UP" throughout the rest of the week. 


Once you get your positive thinking cap on TIGHT you can go into this new week stronger, with more confidence and ready to jump any hurdle that life puts in front of you.  

Every day starts with you.  Whether you are a believer in God or not, you have to understand that who you are and what you say to yourself makes a difference in your day.  Start by knowing you are perfect.  No one else can be YOU and that is what makes you the perfect YOU.  No matter how you see yourself or how people see you, you are a force to be reckoned with and if you start from your heart, no one can stop you from being the BEST YOU that you can possibly be!

Ok, that is enough about YOU! LOL! Just kidding.

Have a strong Monday, stay in your lane, run your own race and know. . .the race can end successfully only if you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF first.

Happy Monday!