Do You Run and Live your Life the Same Way?

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My running partner and I were recapping our last 1/2 marathon. . .yes, we are STILL on that! Just disappointed with our times because we were really hoping for faster times since our training went so well. He was telling me that he shared his story with his old boxing coach and shared how he started strong but did not finish so great.  His boxing coach listened to his story and commented on how he always start things great but can never finish what he started.  MAN! I thought that was harsh but then I started to think about my running and how I live my life!

If you are strong individual from beginning to end, do you finish your race the same way? If you are start things nice and slow with an amazing end result, do you run like that as well? I have always been the type of person who starts something new "quietly" and once I get a feel for it, I am excited, loud and ready to rock it OUT! I started thinking about my "better" races and I notice when I start out quietly (losing myself into the crowd) and getting a feel for a good pace, the rest of the race will go well and I will finish nice and strong!

Now, when I get into my head too much, start too fast the end result is always a mess and I regret it the next day.   That is what happened to my last 1/2 marathon and several runs that I have done.  I start out way to fast because I have told myself "this and that" where I completely forget my usual strategy and then finish horribly! 

We tend to bring our personalities with us when we run or even race.  If you have a strategy that works, you need to stick to it! Now don't get me wrong, I am no longer a competitive runner but there are ways to have a great run whether you are jogging our the block or competing on the track!


1) Stay out of your own head. If you have a solid training background, stick to what you know and treat your run/race just like training session.  Relax, breathe and HAVE FUN!

2)  Don't panic or worry about the person next to you.  One of my "pet peeves" during a 5K run and up. . .when others look at you and "size you up" suddenly you are their competition.  Really? You are there to run YOUR race and not THEIRS, so don't get caught up in the hype!

3) Run your best race!  Dig deep while you train and think about how you approach things in life.  If you are strong and finish strong BRING THAT WITH YOU! If you approach life softly and you want to change it up, running is a great way to challenge yourself.  Once you challenge yourself and approach it differently than life, you will see what you CAN do, as opposed to what you can't! Great way to push yourself!

Last but not least! RUN HAPPY and BE SAFE!


Posted on July 2, 2013 .