The Keeling Effect

I first saw Ida Keeling on the OWN network for Lisa Ling's Our America.   Ida is a 97 year old sprinter from New York.  Ms. Keeling has broken the U.S. Track and Field record for the 100 meter dash in her age category running it in 52 seconds.  The record WAS 59.9.   Ms. Keeling was introduced to running through her daughter at the age of 67.  Her daughter saw that her mother was fighting her way through depression after losing her son and didn't want her to go any deeper.    

I have to tell you, when I see this woman and hear her speak, she helps me put my life back into perspective.  There isn't a "too old" or "too tired" when you can move, jump, run and have a strong mind to go with it.  There are no excuses no matter what life throws at you.  

Our life expectancy has always continued to increase of the years and for the first time in history it has decreased with our country, our men, women and particularly our children fighting obesity.  Let's continue to encourage one another to use our bodies in ways that are healthy and life beneficial. 

Ms. Ida Keeling is a true inspiration and there is no reason to slow down now! 

Let's Get Moving!

                              "If I can find a way up. . .you will have to sit on me". . .

                            "If I can find a way up. . .you will have to sit on me". . .

Posted on June 5, 2013 .