Monday Motivation



It's a new week and for many of us, summer has begun! The sun is a little brighter, your step is a little happier and the heat is definitely on.  This week, I would challenge you to challenge yourself.  No matter what routine you've got going on, there has to be a way to do a bit more to see what your body can do.  If you run can you "pop it up" with a faster pace or an extra mile? If you are strength training, can you add on another set of reps or add a little more weight to the bar? Even if you love yoga or pilates, maybe you can hold a position a little longer than normal.  We all have something that we can do to challenge ourselves, the question is will you do it?   

In order to know who you really are, challenging yourself can help define how much heart/commitment you have to invest in a better, fitter you.  You don't have to challenge yourself everyday but check out where you can make improvements and get it done!

Happy "Challenging" Monday! Let's go!


Posted on June 17, 2013 .