Motivational Monday


Every Monday and Thursday night, I conduct a "fitness camp" at my church to get people moving.  Most of the 30+participants are getting back into shape, maintaining what they have or starting to move for the first time.  

Apparently, one of the ladies that had been attending fell a couple of weeks back and later found out she broke her wrist.  She has a cast from the mid part of her hand to the top of her arm.


As she explained to me what had happened the only thing she was concerned about was doing the fitness camp.  She had been coming since day one and really enjoyed each class.  All she wanted to know was what was she going to do?

I have to admit, I was in shock that she was so concerned about the fitness camp and not so much about her arm but I told her, she could still attend camp and do one of two things. . .you can watch and motivate others while they worked out OR  you can continue to participate with exercises that can be altered because of her arm.

Her eyes lit UP when I told her she could still participate.  I don't know about you but when I take on a major injury, I can easily get discouraged and nearly give up on keeping myself in shape.  That coming from someone who LOVES to RUN and exercise.  

She has been on my mind all weekend  because of her determination to keep going.    She turned her "can't" into a "can" and I LOVE THAT!

Posted on May 6, 2013 .