Me and Strawberry Short Cake.  Isn't she amazing!

Me and Strawberry Short Cake.  Isn't she amazing!

Wow! What a great event and I am so happy that my running buddy Jeffery reminded me to sign up!  I have to say after a long week and tough workouts, I didn't think I was going to make it but once I got started, my legs felt better than expected and very STRONG (thanks to BodyPump and NTC)!  

I had hoped to get a good pace, running a 7:30 minute mile.  I have to admit, I had a little help from my daughter this time and she paced me pretty well.  At one point, trying to bob and weave out of the crowd after the gun went off, she said we hit a pace of 5:50 min/mile.  Only in my dreams. . .only in my old age dreams, right?

Once we hit 2.75 miles, that's when I wanted to start picking it up and then sprint through the shoot to catch a few runners along the way.  The funniest thing about this part of the race, my daughter was coaching ME through the shoot practically running backwards and chatting it up like she was floating in air.  AMAZING what "the young" can do!

The course itself was fairly flat.  There was only one hill with an elevation of 300 feet and it was not bad because it was a short, yet gradual hill.  The start of the race was tight and it took A LOT of bobbing and weaving to get through the crowd.  Once you were on South Sante Fe Drive and Civic Center Drive, the run was open, smooth and enjoyable. I highly recommend this 5K to get a fast run under your belt or to just have fun with family and friends! There were 100s of vendors, games and carnival to enjoy for the rest of the day.

After this 5K event, I am definitely ready to run my next event.  The goal is to finish the year with a marathon or two. . .I am feeling that "froggy"! LOL! Also, with the help of NikeRunning, I have been motivated to run longer and faster.  Wish me luck and I send all good vibes your way with all of your running/ fitness goals AS WELL!

My Results:

  • 5K RUN in a time of 23.07.  
  • 1st place in my AGE division
  • 5th overall female
  • 52nd runner to finish

Not so bad. . .now I want to do ANOTHER 5K! So excited!

Thank you ABPROSPORTS for sponsoring me in this run and future upcoming runs!

Posted on May 28, 2013 .