Despite the controversy surrounding the LIVESTRONG foundation and one particular cyclist, many have turned away from what is one of the strongest support systems in our country.   This past week, I have agreed to be "IN" for the LIVESTRONG organization because I don't want people to forget the core reason why LIVESTRONG exists.  

LIVESTRONG has saved so many lives and has gifted hope to those who's lives changed dramatically due to cancer.  When my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer over 18 years ago at 43 years of age, my family was not educated enough to know that we could have done more.  As a young woman, I figured that she would get better, it was like having a really bad cold and she would be fine.  Man, was I wrong! Having an organization like LIVESTRONG could have saved her life and help my family get through this tragedy. provides support to guide people through the cancer experience, bring them together to fight cancer--and work for a world in which the fight is no longer necessary.  "BE IN" and 

Find a way to get involved, help make a difference and LIVESTRONG. . .