Why Moms Should Run. . .

I remember several years ago, one of my girlfriends at work would constantly make fun of my love for running and the amount of running I would do daily.  She would tell me I was crazy and that "black women" don't run miles, gurl. . .who you think you are? I was a bit shocked that she said that. . .ok, I wasn't but I was surprised that she couldn't see my running as a way to just exercise.  It was easy, inexpensive and allowed me to have a little time to myself.

  Nic Akins 5.12.13

Nic Akins 5.12.13

At the time, both my husband and I worked full time and my girls were very young.  So, the only time I had for running would be at 5:00 in the morning or I replaced lunch time for running time.  Either way, I loved the feeling of finishing and the idea that I was lil' healthier.

To this day, I am STILL asked why I run so much.  I didn't know that 30 minutes a day was so much but OK.  Of course, running is not for everyone but for many moms (even dads) it can be very beneficial!

Reasons for Mom to Run (get her out there):

Easy Cardio Training- No matter how fast or slow you are, it's the easiest way to get your heart pumping, blood circulating and begin to build a stronger cardiovascular system. 

Helps reduce daily stress- We are all faced with crazy challenges throughout a day or week.  Running can help keep your mind focused, think things out and help prevent making decisions based on emotions.  When running, I can think about so much "stuff" that is going on in my life and come up with a reasonable solution before the run is over.  It's a great way for me to evaluate what's happening, make effective decisions or just get things OFF my mind that should not be there. 

  Nic Akins 5.12.13

Nic Akins 5.12.13

Reduces the Risk of. . .- Running, like any fitness program, can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, breast cancer, diabetes and heart attacks.  Yes, we all die from something but wouldn't it be nice that it didn't happen, like. . .today or any time soon? Your family need you.  For me, I have seen the effects of breast cancer and diabetes.  It is not what I want for myself.  I am not saying I will not fall victim but to hold it off for as long as I can IS MY PLAN.   What I do know. . .the women in my family who were effected by these diseases had no exercise routine in the daily activity.  

Decreases Body Fat and Increases Muscle- Along with a healthy diet, running can definitely decrease body fat and increase muscle mass.  It all depends on your overall body composition.  You can burn up to 100 calories per mile! Yep, that's why more women are starting to take over marathons and half marathons.  Hey and get this, we (women) don't have enough testosterone to become the Incredible Hulk, so running can tone you up nicely without over doing it.

Builds a Sense of Well-Being- If you are looking for self confidence or a boost in the old ego, running can do that for you.  As your body starts to take shape, change and become stronger, you feel different, think different and it strengthens who you are.  For me, I see it when I put on my work clothes or a nice outfit for a special event.  I love the way my legs look in high heels, my bootah in jeans and how my arms look like "step away from Miss Hotty". . .reshaping is a good thang!

Anyone up for a lil' Gatorade Cosmopolitan and a couple of Girlfriends?- . . .Well, yes and no.  LOL! Running and the City with other moms can definitely create a strong community and what Mom doesn't need that? A social life for Mom? Well, YEAH!  You can only talk about diaper changes and car pools for so long and that's not exciting.  Don't get trapped! It's OK to have a life of your own and running can be the key to getting there. 

Hey Moms of America, start slow and work your way to something that is so beneficial.  You are already a "Super Star Mom" but if you could run too?. . ."You go, Gurl!".

Happy Running! Nic Akins