Friday Featured Friends (to Boston)


One great thing about being a runner and an American, you've got friends E V E R Y W H E R E, especially more so when there is an unfornate tragedy.  It's not like Vegas. . .because what happened in Boston could happen anywhere and all week, like many, I have been on top of the news and devastated by what has happened.  I can not believe that someone could be that evil and at a major running event.  

One week prior, I ran into a friend of mine who runs amazing marathons and trains so hard.  She is an wife, mother and instructor and every time we bump into each other the conversation is all about running.  She shares these crazy story about her training and injuries.  I admire her so much and I wasn't surprise to hear that she was heading to Boston in just a few days. 


So, when the news broke on Monday about a bombing at the Boston Marathon. . .she immediately came to my mind.  When the local news replayed the bomb, the first thing I saw was the timing clock at 4:09 changing to 4:10 and then the bomb blew.  I could not stop thinking of her, hoping that she ran a little faster than she had shared and safely walked away with her family.  Luckily, she did and made it home safely.  So far, everyone from San Diego made it home.  Unfortunately for the nearly 145 victims that were hurt and the 3 who have passed on, we can not forget what has happened.  Boston, the nation is behind you and praying for you and are now your closest friend. 


When you are a runner, no matter how fast or slow, you have friends.  Think about those moments before the gun goes off.  You are freezing your "bootie" off, checking out the runners around you and brewing up a conversation.  You discuss the lastest running  gadgets and compare notes on training.  You ask the runner next to you "do those running shoes really make you run faster?".  When you are in the middle of a marathon and you see some unmentionables because they just missed the last port-a-potty.  Yeah, you've got friends.  One runner is holding back to help another runner stay on pace and finish strong now matter how slow they are going.  You are right there with them.  What about the finish? Real friends run across the tape with you both hands in the air because at that time, all that training paid off.  You finished, you have completed this one bucket list of things to do. . .and then a bomb goes off? WHAT?

Remember, don't let these idiots stop you from running your next event.  Don't be afraid, don't think "what if" and don't let these acts of stupidity stop from training.  Yes, this could happen anywhere but if you are a runner, you have friends and they will be there for you.  So, continue on and know you are protected.  

Be safe Bostonians. . .we love you!

Posted on April 19, 2013 .