inspired by my new, good friend David Freeman
. . .the "BOOM" man!

As some of you know I have been training and working out with my MOTOACTV team and created "The Movement"! "The Movement" was inspired by other challenges that were put together through the MOTOACTV site and working with David Freeman, one of the top personal trainers on the East Coast.  Talk about someone who can MOTIVATE you!  Every time I hear from him, he is positive and always ends a sentence with the word "BOOM"!  At first, it was kind of funny to see, read or even hear but after a while, it just brought excitement to new ideas for fitness and keeping other people fit!  It's like setting a goal and hitting it.  It's like competing in a sport that everyone said you would not be good at and you do it. . .well! It's like not believing you can walk a mile and you run it. . .it's those moments that make you go "BOOM". . .I did it, now what!?!

Forget motivation, forget about people who think they can tell you what you can and can not do.  It's about just doing it and getting it done by your rules, at your pace and going beyond your limits!  It's that "self-motivation" that gets you through ANYTHING that you set your mind to. . .that's "BOOM"!!! All week I will be sharing what I THINK are "BOOM" moments!. . .and hopefully this will spark a little fire in your day, your run, your fitness goals.  That's all you need is a little "BOOM"!!!

MY WEEKEND "BOOM"! I walked into a fitness training session that was scheduled for me this weekend.  The night before, I was excited but realized after reading ALL of the facts about the class, I did not receive ANY of the study material that I needed for this course.  I went anyway, spoke to the training instructor.  All he said to me was "hey, this is what you have to learn this weekend, if you have the confidence to learn it, present it and pass. . .come on in!.  For the first time in a LONG TIME I was challenged.  

Everyone else had an advantage over me because they received their books, dvds and cds.  I was lost!!! Luckily there was an angel watching over me.  I presented 3 times, fixed all the necessary mistakes and I am now certified and have passed the course!!! "BOOM"!!!!! I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING this week! Let's do it!

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