Watching Kim Conley make her first Olympic team
makes you wanna say "BOOM"! Look at her FACE!!!
5000 meter runner
1) Let's just say the first "BOOM" I can't really list because that's another website and blog!. . .let's just give thanks to my husband for that one! LOL. . .yes, I went there!

2) A brand new pair of Running Shoes! BOOM!

3) Completing a workout that pushed me past my limits. . .a 13 miler PLUS and running it at a 7 minute pace!!! BOOM!!!

4) Being 41 years of age and STILL getting carded when I purchase a bottle of wine and going to a rated "R" movie. . .yes, STILL! (I thank running for that)! BOOM!

5) Being healthy/strong to hang with my kids and my younger training partners! LOVE. . .BOOM!

6) Having great eye sight so I can check out ALL the good looking guys at the gym!. . .LOL! I can look. . .I just don't touch! LOL!. . .BOOoooMMM! (I try not think either. . .)

7) Taking my class participants and boot campers to the next level WITHOUT them knowing it and then seeing their reaction on their faces when they have been told what they just did! BOOM!

8) Watching my 13 year old daughter enter a 5K race on the East Coast and coming in 3rd place overall  FEMALE, not kid but FEMALE! BOOM!!!

9) Watching my 10 year old daughter have the worst game of her life, fall on her face and suck up so much dirt that she can barely breath. . .hold back the tears, dust herself off and KEEP PLAYING to come into 2nd place!. . .athlete in the making!!! BOOMMmmm!

10) Being able to write this, hopefully put a smile on someone else's face and not take myself too seriously. . .LOVING LIFE no matter what is thrown my way! BOOM!!! (I thank God for that, hands down . . . BOOM to You!)

Happy Running!
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