You know it's important, so why not do it?

Ok, this was a late entry today because I actually got some sleep in the past 12 hours! YEAH!!! For the past 8 days, I have been busy with work, fitness camps, trainings, kids, husband and everything in between.  Sleep has not been on the top on my to do list but I will say that my only goal was to get to Tuesday (today).  I promised myself to make this day a major REST day and that includes "no physical activity"!

You and I already know how important it is to get sleep but for whatever reason or reasons, we don't get enough.  I really believe my body works the opposite from what I have learned as a personal trainer and running coach.  One of the benefits in physical activity is that you sleep more soundly.  The more I workout the less I want to sleep but I do make myself go to bed because I know I will need it for the next day.  This past week was an exception, so back to my regularly scheduled life!

So, I came across this list of reasons why sleep is so important for all of us.  I added some funny & serious comments on what I have discovered.  Let me know if this list helps you!

Reasons Why a Good Night Sleep is SO Important:
See your doctor if you have any issues with sleeping and look for healthy alternatives
to get what you need out of a "good nights sleep"
Sleep is a restorative for the brain.  I do notice when I don't get over 6 hours of sleep, can not hold on to a complete thought and talk jibberish 1/2 the time!

Too little sleep can lead to weight gain by altering levels of the hormones that regulate hunger. Ok, soooo why haven't I gained the weight I want when I only get 4 hours of sleep a night? This one only holds true if you are staying up late and eating because you are bored or 

Growth hormones are secreted during slow wave sleep.  This one I believe in for younger athletes.  It is so important for them to get sleep, continue to grow and restore themselves for the next day.  So teaching them how to prioritize their day is very important. 

Insufficient sleep is associated with higher incidence of behavioral problems, especially attention deficit. This one explains why I am so crazy but on a serious note, again this is associated with brain development and restoration.  In order to maintain all chemical levels associated with the brain and physical growth, at least 7-8 hours of sleep will definitely help.

Sleep disruption caused by snoring in infants can delay their development and in adults snoring has been associated with other health problems. Not only does snoring disrupt others sleeping near you, it can disrupt you.  Infants and small children who have problems sleeping because of their snoring begin to lack necessary sleep needed for growth.  Doctors have found that adults who snore may have other health issues and need to work on their weight, food intake and sleep patterns.  

When you put together your schedule and it includes the family, work, training and "other stuff", make sure you include sleep.  If you only have a small window of sleep find a time during the day to get a nap in.  I have a client now that has a crazy work schedule and sometimes it only allows him to sleep 3-4 hours a night.  So, we have figured out a way for him to get a good 1 hour nap during the day if not longer and it has made a huge difference not only in his training but in day to day activities! No go out there and SLEEP HAPPY!
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