Running Your First Marathon?
Cool!. . .just a few things to think about. . .
I was chatting with a new friend on Twitter the other day discussing our new tracking device and I happen to ask him what was he training for? . . .he stated "my first marathon".  Wow, his FIRST marathon! I remember my first marathon. . .the Vegas International Marathon back in 2001.  It was slow (for me) and it was a painful experience, but I was HOOKED immediately after recovery!!!  
When I hear that anyone is preparing for the first marathon, it is exciting.  You can see the excitement in their face, the thought that goes into their training and just the nervousness of how they are going to do.  So, good luck to my new Twitter buddy!

If you are preparing for your first marathon, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.  You want to enjoy your "first" so if you are prepared. . .it will be life changing!

First, "train" for the marathon.   I know that sounds crazy but you have no idea how many people I have met before a marathon and after a marathon that do NOT train properly.  There are so many great programs out there to follow, there is no reason for you not to train.  

Second, when you do train I suggest to find a running partner or a group that is comparable to your running pace.  If you want to run a 9 minute per mile marathon, then find someone with the same goal. If you train with someone that is running a 10 minute per mile, I can almost guarantee that you will run a 10 minute per mile marathon.  Just saying!  Also, share you goal with friends and family so that you can get the support you need on and off the road.

Next, make sure you eat properly while training.  As long as you eat fairly healthy. . .you are cool.  Marathon training can encourage healthier eating but make sure you are eating properly.  You will need more protein and fiber in your diet to rebuild muscle and assist with your digestive system.  If you feed your body junk, you will perform like junk.  Yes, I am pretty direct today! LOL! Love ya'll!
Consult your doctor before you start training, get your physical and talk to running experts at your local running store.

As you have seen my the videos that I post, it is important to warm up with an "active" stretching and cool down with static stretching.  This will prevent injuries like a sore knee or tight IT bands that can be associated with a lot of running and heavy training.  Learn how to use the foam roller, ask your local trainer about active warm ups and static stretching before & after a workout!

Lastly, just have FUN! Good marathons usually have great music to run to (good if your tunes run out), interesting people to meet. . .just stay away from the guys in their undies (unless they look like David Beckham) and women with ta-tas 5 feet in front of them (unless you like the Pamela Anderson type and you're single) and soak in every memory of your FIRST marathon! 

Happy Running!

Here are some great resources to get you started on your 
1st Marathon that I highly recommend!