Running is my Therapy!
clearing your mind of the junk you carry
The best way to describe how running makes me feel is to tell you about my first real "break up" with a boy (this was umpteen million years ago, so I'm over it).  He was simply someone I should not have been hanging around with and after 3 years we got into the heated "boyfriend/girlfriend" fight over the phone. All I remember from that day was slamming the phone down and at that moment I was SO done. . .never to speak to him again! I took off running to my old high school track. Man, I was pissed to say the least but kept running! Two laps around, I started to organize my thoughts, calm myself down and somehow find a happy place. Running had just become my therapy without realizing it. So much so, when I got back home, I felt stronger and a little sore. . .I didn't realize I didn't put on my running shoes soon after that conversation! Young, stupid or just stupid. . .I claimed it.

Now that I am older, I do remember to put on my kicks before heading out for a therapy run and I also realize how lucky I am to have this "release" to keep me on track and sane.

According to ABC news, $55 billion is spent on therapy and this includes life coaching. Nearly 500,000 people in America are certified to practice therapy. You do the math and with what a lot of us are going through or have gone through with the "meatless" economy, I am sure therapy has become a part of many Americans' budget. Now I ask you, does it really help to lie on someone's couch and talk about your issues week after week OR would you rather find a way to deal with your problems head on and move forward?

Don't get me wrong, I have done extensive counselor training for a local and private organization. What  others have shared with me has it's rewards and pit falls.  But for each one of them,  one thing remains common with what I have told them,  GET OUT THERE and start to move! Talking to me can be helpful but the real therapy is already there in your feet (if you don't run then walk), help someone else to move and you not only inspire them you help yourself.

First, running can help you mentally. Usually if you have a lot on your mind that first 10 minutes of running can help "flush out any frustration or excitement" you may have.

Next, you start to find your pace and this helps you to "organize your thoughts". Once you find a  comfortable pace, you can start to think more rationally, level out your heart rate and just "think". It's like breathing in and out to sooth yourself.

Now you get to thinking, you can start "putting the pieces of your crazy puzzle together". Come up with "solutions and a plan to get things done". You know what your CraZy PuzZLe is-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, kids, job or even your health. . .don't kid yourself.  Bring it to life and run it out.

Cruise control sets in and you are coming to a close, working to finish the run. You start to notice your environment, how you feel and you know "what your next steps are".

Not only have you finished a therapy session through running, you have completed a solid workout.

It doesn't matter if you are a casual runner or a serious marathoner. I believe that running is so much more than putting on the latest kicks and heading out. Running can truly be your friend. It's there to organize the way you think, move and react.

I have seen it time and time again. People who are usually not into fitness that much but then they decide to take up running, a fitness class or sport they become more organized with how they approach their life.  There is a better understanding of what they want and they start to streamline their goals. Why? Because now their "therapy"/ their "sport" has to be a part of their day. Their life starts to revolve around their therapy sessions.  Maybe that's why the number of runners out there are growing like wild fire! Americans are trying to save money on therapy and run it out! LOL!

I know, some of you need "REAL" therapy and I understand that. . .this is an alternative OR a nice addition to your sessions!