Every time I run a race, I learn something new about myself or about life.  I think we all do when we challenge ourselves physically and then mentally.  One of my biggest pet peeve's when I am running would be (and you may have read this before) at a nice steady pace and someone comes up from behind, dramatically rolls past me and then sits right in front of me, slows down their pace and blocks me.  Drives me nuts but I behaved well yesterday and didn't say a word.  Now that I am older, I do understand that many people don't realize what they are doing (sometimes) and if they do. . ."blah" on them!
Scripps Old Pro's 10K run

It is so much like how my life is going right now.  I find a race, set my pace and just go!  If I start to focus on someone else's race, then it's no longer mine.  I can't control the pace, I am out of breath and mentally messed up throughout the race.  So now, I focus on my race, what I have been training for and keep moving forward.  If a person jumps in front of me, readjust and keep going. . .life can be very similar and learning to readjust yourself can be HUGE! Whether it's a job loss, a rebellious kid or even a death in the family, there will always be something thrown in your lap that you have to deal with.  Just like running, you have to learn to readjust and stay focused on what YOU want out of life.
Now, I don't know your situation and you may not even have a situation but what I do know there is always a race that you have to run.  You may go out there and give it all you got or stay at a nice steady pace that is comfortable for you. Just remember that every race is another chance for you to find a good pace and stay in the game.  Sometimes a race can be completely different from other races you may have run.  For example, back in April, my daughter and I ran our first 5K together in Washington DC.  We were both excited but as soon as the festivities began we noticed how QUIET it was.  The race, like many, was for charity. . .for a college that catered to "deaf" students and the race staff was 90% "deaf".  It was a "different" race, a quiet race with a "different" feel but with a new "perspective"!  Wow! Is what went through my mind and it will be  race that I will always remember!

I am not saying that every time you go out there and run a race there is some philosophical meaning behind it.  You can relax and have fun out there but for me, it is just amazing how much running can imitate life.  Preparing for a race is very similar to how you prepare for life.  If you train properly and understand what you need to do to get to the finish line you will finish STRONG no matter what or who jumps in front of you!  


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