The Sun and You
Protecting your Skin while playing under the Sun

It's the time of the year again and the sun is out in FULL FORCE! While the temperatures are starting to settle into the mid 80s here in Diego and creeping into the 90s in other parts of the nation, we need to remember more than ever to keep our skin protected.  I don't care if your skin is as white as snow or as deep as dark chocolate (did you like that) you have to use sunscreen and make sure you spend a certain amount of time in the sun each day.

Skin cancer does not discriminate.  So, just because you are from an Asian or African American descent, you are actually at a higher risk of developing skin cancer.  Why? Just like in design school, I learned that darker colors absorb light faster than lighter colors.  The same holds true for our skin.  Since I have darker skin, I will absorb the sun much quicker than my friend who are much lighter in color.  You need to protect yourself.  Whatever skin you have been blessed with or born with, learn to love what you have not try to alter it with the sun or any other dangerous chemicals.  Melanoma accounts for up to 3% of all pediatric cancers and there are 44,250 cases of invasive melanoma in men and 32,000 in women that will be diagnosed in the US in 2012.  (stats from the American Cancer Society).

  Either way, too much sun can be dangerous and if you do not use sunscreen, it can definitely do more damage than good! According to a 2006 Runner's World Article titled "Overexposure", Peter O'Neill, M.D. states that if you run or exercise outside with your body exposed to the sun, your skin gets damaged and can increase your risk of skin cancer. But, check this out (I have to admit that I fall in this category), there was 2005 study reported that 85 percent of outdoor athletes didn't use sunscreen at all.  These are the same health nuts that carry everything else but the sunscreen!  It is amazing how we can lather it on our kids but we tend to forget ignore ourselves.  After yesterday's run, I don't think I will ignore my skin again!

There will be new FDA rules on sunscreen labeling that were set to take place this month and it would require companies to put on a label whether a sunscreen is "broad spectrum" and protects against UVA and UVB rays.  Those rules were delayed until December to give companies more time to comply with those standards (according to CBS health watch).
The following five products were rated as "very good" against UVA and "excellent" against UVB rays even after being dunked in water for 80 minutes! Check them out!
All Terrain Aqua Sport Lotion, SPF 40
Est. cost $4 per oz.

Banana Boat Clear Ultra Mist Sports Performance, SPF 30
Est. cost $1.63 per oz.

Coppertone Sport High Performance Ultra Sweat-Proof Spray, SPF 30
Est. cost $1.67 per oz.

Coppertone oil-free Foaming Spray, SPF 75+
Est. cost $1.67 per oz.

Eco, All Natural Sunscreen Body Lotion, SPF 30
Est. cost $4.72 per oz.

Get protection for your skin because this is all we have! 
Run Happy and Be Safe

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