inspired by MOTOACTV

If you want to add a little "spice" to your running, you should join me in the RUNNER'S CHALLENGE!  This challenge consists of a 5K / 10K / half marathon / marathon / 10K and then a 5K run all within a 5-6 month time frame.  YEP!  This is a great challenge to do with your running partner.  It gets you focused on your goals whether it is competitive or just to improve your times.   It really kicks up your training and renews your spirit for running.

If you look at any good marathon training plan, part of the training includes a 5K and a 10K so this challenge is not bad at all.  The 5K and 10K prepares your legs for quick turnover while the half marathon helps to build your endurance and mentally gets you ready for a full marathon.  Once you hit the 10K and 5K again, you should be tapering down from the marathon and recovering.  

If you are using a GPS device you can map out your own runs (as long as it is tracked) and pick crazy trails and routes along the beach, in the mountains or awesome state parks.  You can really make this your "thang" and get in the best running shape of your life!
Right now I am all over the MOTOACTV GPS devise.  What does MOTOACTV have to do with this? I was introduced to the MOTOACTV back in March.  One of my good friends from my daughter's soccer team was wearing one and contacted Motorola to assist in sponsoring me.  MOTOACTV is a cutting-edge fitness tracker and smart MP3 player packed into a small, sweat proof device.  The ACCUSENSE technology and GPS tracks your workout data like time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate.  You can monitor your performance for running, cycling, golf and over 40 other activities! Zumba has just been added as well!  The smart MP3 player stores hours and hours of your favorite songs and actually "learns" what tunes motivate you the most!

So, that's the "PLUG" for MOTOACTV.  I have admit, I love this device! My favorite part of the unit would be monitoring my heart rate and tracking my speed while running! The Challenges that you sign up for link up with your device wirelessly so when you are ready to run, jump, climb or do whatever you do. . .it's ready to go!  

Now, do you HAVE to have a MOTOACTV to do this challenge? OF COURSE NOT! Get out there, challenge yourself, your running partner or team and see what you can do! Have fun running!