OH! So, National Running Day has fast approached us again and this year they have these tags that say "I RUN. . ."!  I should have just written, "I RUN NAKED" to really grab your attention.  But the thought of it just isn't pretty for anyone's eyes!  LOL!  I love running and "I RUN. . ." for several reasons! It all starts out so innocent and virgin like until you start to get a little older and the real flavor of life kicks in!

I started running at my middle school's 8th Grade Track and Field day! I had never touched a track or had any reason to run until that day. . .fell IN LOVE with the idea of running immediately.  I guess beating all the girls in the 100 meter dash helped too but I could not wait to start high school track!

High School track was SO MUCH fun!  I was one of the top runners in the state of Missouri and would constantly get sick to the stomach before every race.  Some how I managed to always come out on top or AT LEAST the top 3! From there, I received a scholarship to the University of MO, Columbia! GO TIGERS where TRACK became scary QUICKLY! The girls were MUCH faster, bigger and would knock you off that track if you would let them!

Two years into college, I had a bad break up with a boy that I didn't need to be with in the first place  and that's when running took on a whole new meaning.  I was so upset stupid after the break up, I took off running, barefooted on our local track.  Thirty minutes into the run, I forgot all about him. . . because I had run so hard, so fast and so long that both feet were no massive blisters.  That was a long walk home but I realized that running was now my new medicine to clear my head, think good thoughts and get through what I thought was a tragedy! . . . Yeah, right! (Yes, I wore shoes the next time I went running).

After a pretty successful college career, my friends at work introduced me to 5K and 10K runs.  At first, I thought they were RIDICULOUS because I was not going to run more than my usual 400 meters.  My first 5K run was the St. Louis St. Patrick's Day run and there were at least 2000 people out running through downtown St. Louis.  It was an amazing experience and I could not believe that many people would come out to party while they ran! There were people dressed up in green EVERYTHING and I was probably the only "choco-latta" out there! LOVED IT!!

Once I moved to LA I was introduced to Marathon running! Now that was a mistake because once you run ONE successfully you have to run another and then ANOTHER! So, 4 marathons into it, I was hooked to. . .half marathons!  LOL! I think I may have run 10 1/2 marathons and the reason why I say I "THINK". . .I STILL have Mommy-brain and I tend to forget to pick up my numbers the day before.  Soooo, there are a few that I KNOW I have run but it's not in the books!

Running really does keep me "sane" in this "insane" but addictive world.  Look, I am married with kids (enough said right there), I have multiple jobs (because AGAIN, I can't be STILL or SLEEP) and I love staying in shape!  Running is fairly inexpensive (if you don't run all the RnR marathons in one year) and you can do it ANYWHERE!. . .Running that is!! So, get your tag and let me know why you run!

Posted on June 6, 2012 .