My Dad has always been a person that kept to himself.  He didn't share a lot about himself when we were growing up, we had to learn about things through his family, friends and by sneaking around "his stuff" as a kid.  When I started to fall in love with running through track and field, I often wondered if I was a "freak" because no one else in my family was into sports and running like I was.  One day, I was sneaking around his work area and was amazed all the tools and "STUFF" he did have! I stumbled across a box filled with trophies, pictures and medals ALL FROM running track in the service.  I was amazed!  I found a picture of my Dad that became my favorite...he's smiling at someone's camera holding his running shoes.  Right then I realized why he called the 200 meters the 220 and the 400 meter run was the 440.  It use to drive me NuTz but my Dad came to every meet in high school and in college.  No matter where I was, if he walked through the door of our hotel...my day was just THAT much better! Even today when I run an event (and I am hardly an Olympic competitor) he will wake up at O'dark hundred with me (if he is in town or I am in his neck of the woods) and come out to watch me and thousands of others run.  For that, I love him and for being there no matter what...I ADORE him! Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
Posted on June 17, 2012 .