I met Ms. Holder at the Pasadena Marathon Expo a few years back.  Talk about a "woman of influence"! I was immediately drawn to her smile, kind nature and drive to get things done!  She knows ALL ABOUT "getting things done"!  She has finished 106 marathons in ONE YEAR making her a Guinness World Record Holder I meet amazing people every day but there are just a few that shine like the sun when you first shake their hand or give them a hug.  Yolanda is definitely one of those people!

Yolanda Holder is a professional marathoner, a devoted wife, mother of two, motivational speaker and author. Holder lost her father to diabetes and currently has a mother who is suffering from the same disease.  This has made a profound impact on Yolanda’s life.  “One marathon, one step, one breath” is her motto and through those words and actions she works tirelessly to motivate and promote a healthy lifestyle through fitness for people of all ages. Finding your “happy” is her fountain of youth, and she hopes to help others find their hope through her amazing journey.

Learn more about Yolanda Holder and her story at  From me to you, Yolanda. . .continue to move forward and be the wonderful person that you are! I love your spirit! Happy Marathoning!  Nic
Posted on May 25, 2012 .