"For the Love of the Sport"
motivation to keep going

We see and hear about athletic heros everyday! They fight through a game with a broken bone or a torn ligament.  The athlete will dedicate their run or game to a child in need of a serious surgery.  As runners, we are always raising money for a charity, getting our friends and family involved.  It's one thing when you are doing something great for someone else but when you meet a person that really does something for the love of their sport, it's just an amazing thing to see.  

If you have been following my blog entry's or tweets, many of you know that my girls are deep into soccer.  I don't understand the sport but it's a great way for kids to be a part of a team, develop some great social skills and have fun while staying in shape.  Now, even though in my eyes, my girls are perfect, none of us are perfect.  My oldest one plays like Mia Hamm one weekend and the next week, has no clue what she should do next in a play.  My youngest girl really had to work hard to be one of the better players on the team and learned that she had to prove herself to earn her teams respect.
Well, this weekend, my youngest girl played a tough and VERY physical team.  Our team could not get a break, particularly my daughter.  They would call a foul on our team every chance they got while the other team elbows, kicked and cried to beat up our girls (yes, I am a true soccer mom).  So, near the end of the game one girl ran up on my daughter elbowed her and then dug her foot into her shoe.  I saw it with my own two eyes and then I saw my daughter shed a tear.  Let's just say this, she NEVER cries over anything! She looked at me, continued to play and they got a corner kick.  The game was intense and we really needed this win but I didn't care, I wanted her to come out of the game. 

My girl stayed in the game, we got the corner kick and she got that ball into the net! Soon after, the whistle was blown and the game was over.  She quietly came off the field, took off her jersey, grabbed her water and bag walking away from the field.  She didn't say a word but when we got into the car, she CRIED uncontrollably because her foot hurt SO BAD! I asked her "why didn't you come out when I told you to come out?".  She looked at me and said, "Mom, I love soccer and I knew I could get that ball into the goal".  I was just amazed at her dedication not only to her sport but for her team.  
What does this have to do with running? So much! We train hard, we run for a purpose (whether it's weight loss, raising money or competitively) and we continue to look for results.  Sometimes the results are not how fast you ran or who you beat, it's about the love you have for your sport and for yourself (taking care of yourself).  The only way you are going to have the best run or the best training to become a better athlete is to "love" what you do and how you make it happen no matter what happens.  

If you are fighting through an injury and you can not do much running, relax and don't worry.  Make sure you do what you need to do to get back out there.  Do not do it for yourself but do it for the "love of the sport"!

Happy Running and Be Safe!
Posted on September 19, 2011 .