Keep Moving and 
Get the Results YOU Want!
This past weekend my girls had the Premier Soccer Cup Tournament.  The weekend started out "scary" to say the least.  Both girls had an early game and they both lost their early games.  The ride home was very quiet and frustrating for the family but as parents, we tried to keep them upbeat and let them know. . .there is another game, another chance! 

So, we reviewed the first 2 games, recognized where the problems were and talked about how to adjust the way that the girls played.  Let's just say one thing, "WOW"! Once the girls got back on the field watching the transformation of "'man, we lost the first game' to 'I want this'" was amazing! What you may not know, the girls are 9 and 13. . .so, not only do they have to adjust the way they wanted to play, they had to encourage an entire team as well.  The youngest girls got everyone pumped first! She started slow but then started to make moves.  She was getting knocked down and pushed around but got up and scored 2 goals.  The oldest girls is one of the smaller girls on the team, so it's easy to push her around and get her off her game.  Not that day, she realized that her quick feet and speed would get her through the game.  She scored THE GOAL to move her team into the semi-finals!  It was amazing to see how their confidence kick it up a notch!
Both girls moved into the semi-finals and to make a long story short, they made the finals and both won the championship in their age division! It was amazing to watch how these girls wanted something SO BAD and went after it! Not just my two girls but both "teams" as well.  They played hard and fought the good fight to win it!

What this taught me is to keep moving and pushing yourself no matter where you may have started (no matter what your history may say about you)!  I still consider myself an athlete even though I am 40 years old and I am not getting paid like a professional athlete.  If you do any kind of sport to stay in shape or just for pleasure, you are an athlete.  These girls worked hard to make it to the finals.  When they were tired and frustrated, they kept digging for the warrior inside of them.  They are so young with so much potential that sometimes it is hard to see what we see.  The same holds true for you as an adult.  Others can see the great things around you that you can not see.  If you are lucky enough to have good people to talk to, ask them what do they see and keep digging for that warrior inside of you.  You may not when or even PR but you tried and that is more important than anything that you do! You never know when your day will come and you can tell others. . .I just dug deep and went after it!

Happy Running and Let's Get Out There!

Posted on August 18, 2011 .