Running When You Have Kids!
As soon as I realized that getting my run in while having small children was going to be an issue, my husband was sweet enough to purchase a jog stroller after our first child! At the time, that was the BEST investment that we ever had and I say "we" because it kept me "sane" and out of his hair about running! So, each day, I would head out with my baby girl around 5:30PM and get a nice 20-30 minute run.  It was great, I had my little music player attached to the stroller and my daughter would kick her feet in the stroller, singing to the music! But what do you do when you want to really get back into running and the stroller is slowing you down.  That's when it gets tough. If you are lucky enough to have a family member or neighbor help you out, you are in luck! What I had to do is schedule my runs at the CRACK of "o'dark" hundred or run on my lunch hour at work.

For my second daughter, running with her in the stroller and my oldest girl on her bicycle was the equipment of choice.  It was tough and the pace was slow but it got us out there and moving.  It took me a little longer to get into shape but it was worth it.  My second girl loved to move around and if she was still for too long, we would definitely hear about it.  So, getting her in the stroller was more than just getting into shape.  Once I got back to work, I knew that my family would be IN BED at 5am and I would head out every morning getting a nice 30-45 minute run in before starting my day.  I always felt better about my day and would come back in a GREAT mood to get my family ready for school and/or work!

Now that my girls are older, it has become easier because we find trails/safe routes throughout our neighborhood where they can ride their bikes and I follow close behind.  My oldest daughter will be 13 years old in a few weeks and she has definitely become a runner.  She has actually gotten me out of bed to get a nice run in.  The run also helps her when it comes to soccer.  She can last longer in the games and is one of the few that will play the entire game!  For me, as I get older, it has been a little tougher but it keeps me moving! As you read below, I am getting into shape for about 3 upcoming events and this has been a great way to push me!

I found a great article from ASICS that will be posted tomorrow morning that gives great tips on what you can do to keep those feet moving! As always, run happy and be safe!

Posted on June 23, 2011 .