This could be the weekend to get started. . .AGAIN!
We all have been there.  It could be from a cold, change in the weather or just a change in your mood.  It's like Forest Gump, you feel like you have run as far you can and now you are done.  For me, after running a half marathon or marathon, it is REALLY hard for me to get back into running for 2 weeks!  Then, when that 3rd week comes I am still thinking, really, start running now? Hey, I love running and fitness but I do get burned out AT LEAST 2 or 3 times out of the year.   

Sometimes, taking a break is not a bad thing.  Look at it this way, taking a break can allow your body to rest and regenerate itself.  Also, you may need to change things up, sign up for an event that you normally would not do or join a new group that gives you a different perspective on running.  There are ways to get past the rut and be happy running again! You just have to find your cup of tea.  

Here are a few things you can do to get yourself MOTIVATED!
1) A Pair of Brand New Running Shoes: I don't know about you but have you checked out the latest in running shoes and how these new designers are going crazy with what they put together.  I know some of you are still conservative with your look but to wear some "narly" looking kicks to get your opponents (or the opposite sex) to check you out is a boost all by itself.  It's like getting a brand new car and smelling the new upholstery and you just want to show them off! I am TELLING YOU some kicks will do something good to your ego and your tired legs!

2) Find a Running Partner: Ok, so maybe not David Beckham but he's holding a running shoe! LOL! Find someone who wants to start running too is a great way to get you motivated! Running clubs are also a great way to stay fit, find a partner to run with and meet new people.  We are social beings and getting involved with others with the same interests makes setting your goals so much easier!  Ladies, you have to admit adding David Beckham was nice call!

3)  Change up Your Running Regime: Getting back into your favorite sport doesn't mean you have to do it every day.  Taking a couple of days off and changing up your workout will prevent you from getting burnt and will help in avoiding injuries.  Using your muscles in different ways can only make you stronger.  Multi-sport athletes have a good idea what I am talking about!

4)  Set Goals For Yourself: OK, I have to plug the RUNNERS CHALLENGE (read more below). Getting involved in a challenge or setting goals to do so many workouts in a short period of time is a GREAT way to get motivated! When you challenge yourself you not only play with your physical abilities but your mental ability as well.  Get into a challenge or start one!
5)  Reward Yourself! OH. . .this is when it gets FUN! Once you have accomplished a set goal, reward yourself with some of your favorite things! That could be a massage, pedicure or a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant.  Do something that you can enjoy and feel like you have really accomplished something.  Running is so much fun when YOU put the F-U-N into it! 

How do I reward myself. . .massages and sleep! I am so busy with my family that after I have accomplished a tough 1/2 marathon or any major running event, I go for the massage, sleep and quiet.  LOVE!
I hope some of these tips motivate you to get out there and get your runs in! If you have some unusual motivational tips to share, please share them!  

In the meantime, Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Running Happy and BE SAFE!

Posted on May 26, 2012 .