What we can do to help our Kids?

In our American schools, we have seen over the years how budget cuts have changed the way our kids see school.  When we were growing up, Physical Education and Music was a part of our curriculum.  Now these programs are being cut along with other valuable programs that help round out our kids!

What can you do? Get involved with your school.  Get other parents involved as well.  When the PTA can not help, there are other foundations that you can start that can help raise hundreds and thousands of dollars to get these programs BACK into your schools.

I know, you thought this was a "running" blog but "running" is what can help these schools and fight childhood obesity!  Each year, we have a fun run for the kids and they have to raise AT LEAST $6.00 each to fun their physical education program.  If you want to make it a bigger event, get the entire neighborhood involved with a neighborhood fun run/walk! Contact your local running groups and see what they can do to help!

Kids need to be kids and I know that in our very technological world, it can be hard! I always think about the movie "WALL*E" and how people were just stuffed with food until they couldn't move.  I know that is an extreme thought but to be in a world and nation that doesn't move just seems so surreal to me! Let's make a change and stay active! Happy Running!

Posted on June 16, 2011 .