For those who follow my blog and know me, it is no secret that I love running and I have been running for nearly 25 years! I started running on Track&Field day at my middle school in St. Charles, Missouri falling in love with the 50 yard dash and long jump.  From there, I couldn't wait to start high school and be on the Track&Field team where I became the top runner in my district and later state.  I hated the competition of it all but loved the feeling of being fast and finishing!  I know. . .sad.  

Then the University of MO came knocking and not only did I enjoy being on very talented team, I loved traveling, going from meet to meet, meeting people I would not have met just hanging out in my small town.  It suddenly became my world and I never stopped running. 

After having my first child, I could not WAIT to run again.  I did not run during my pregnancy because I was SURE the baby would fall out.  I was nothing but belly and I just could not see myself running without damaging the baby!  Good thing because after I had her, I had to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! My husband made me wait about 3 months because he knew if I started back right away, I would have put 200% into it and probably would have injured myself.  He surprised me 3 months after Nia with a jog stroller, I was back on the road! Not only did that jog stroller allow me to run at any time I wanted, it actually bonded me and my baby girl.  I know that sounds nuts but instead of taking a "walkman" (yes, no ipods then), I could sing to her and she would love being in the sun and dancing in the stroller with me running up behind.
The second daughter came 3 1/2 years later.  I got a bigger and badder jog stroller and good thing I did.  My second daughter was a PISTOL and did not want to be still.  It was about 3 or 4 months when I decided to start running again and merely because at this early of an age, she was grumpy, crying all the time and trying to move before her time.  So, I put her in the jog stroller and made sure I had a rain cover, blanket and bottle for her.  That was the QUIETEST she had ever been and LOVED going out and seeing the world through my running eyes.

It's one thing to go out and run, release stress and stay in shape but it seems to be so much more for Moms of any age, size, color or background.  Not that being a mom is any easier or harder than it was "back in the day" but we put more stress on ourselves to be the "super moms" we think everyone wants us to be.  So, having time to yourself or with friends while running is special because when you are at home all day with children (if you have that option) it is nice to talk about something other than pampers and poo for AT LEAST 25 minutes of your day. 

There are moms that have a hard time battling postpartum depression.  Running, like any type of exercise, can definitely help improve your mood and attitude towards yourself.

That "baby fat" that we try and get rid of for the next 18 years of our lives, that's a reason ALL BY ITSELF to get into running!  Of course, with the right diet and some strength training along with our running regime, we can look forward to staying healthy longer and passing this great habit down to our children.  Last, if you like me and you actually like your kids around you all the time (yes, I can not quite cut the cord), it is still a great family activity that everyone can enjoy.  Walking and running are usually the first stages of introducing exercise into your lifestyle.  So, ladies. . .hold those running shoes up "high to the sky" and declare running for your sanity! LOL! Happy Running!

Running Clubs Nationwide for Moms!

Posted on May 31, 2011 .