LaJolla 1/2 Marathon
Congrats to Jeffery Heard for his PR!

So, Jeffery started his journey about 2 months ago! Jeffery wanted to break the 2 hour mark and had a goal to get there.  Jeffery decided to join TEAM DIRTY RED and stick to a training schedule.   The thing with a 1/2 marathon or marathon, it's a race that you really need to train for.  You can go into without much training but just know when you are done, you will have issues and pains that you will not want to experience again.  You have to prepare your body for a good 13.1 - 26.2 mile run.  First, you have to make sure you have the support system to start your training regime.  Next, have the proper running shoes ( and then have a solid workout plan that includes good nutrition to keep your body strong.  Also, I believe it's important not to be so hard on yourself.  Set your goal and aim for it with the best intentions.  If you do not reach that goal the first time, it is OK. . .as long as you put in the time, take care of your body and have fun,  you have plenty of time to reach that goal and possibly do better than the goal you have set.  Just be patient and have fun!

Congrats to Jeffery and good job on your training with TEAM DR!
Posted on April 18, 2011 .