TEAM DIRTY RED SD had a great 7 mile run this weekend! As most runners know, you can have some really great and interesting conversations with your running partners.  This week, one of our favorite and long time members had us really think about what goes on during a half marathon/ marathon event and how disgusting the whole thing can be! As long distance runner, people already think we are crazy for spending as much as we do to run in these long events but they have no idea what we see along the way.  This will make you think twice when preparing for your next run and how to prepare yourself and others when getting your personal "goodie bag" together!

Everyone knows that no matter how far in advance you prepare yourself for the long journey ahead, you STILL have to go to the bathroom!  Even if you get in those long "johnny on the spots" line and endure all the smells and missed attempts, you suck it up and take care of business!  Well, for those runners that still need to let loose on the side of the road, do you bring hand sanitizer with you? Hey, we have nothing against taking care of business along the way but this is what we think about. . .

If you are running a well organized event, that is one thing but do you realize that when you get your little cups of water, take a drink and then throw them away, do you notice WHERE you throw them away? Well, at some events the volunteers fill up large, clean cans of water so they can just scoop out water as the supply runs low.  Please be careful where you throw away the cups because we have seen some runners dump their used cups in the clean cans of water.  YIKES!

Next, just like driving (which for some, this may not help) slower runners and walkers should stay on the right side of the road.  I know that the road is a free, open space to all but when you and 10 of your buddies decide at the last minute to run/walk the event,  it makes it VERY hard for the faster runners to get around you because you have to have a conversation in one single line; across the runner's path!  You know the story, then you have someone say something to someone else and then the DRAMA begins.  Let's just all get along and find some road racing etiquette.  

Then there are the "blow your nose and spit" runners.  Yes, I am one of those, so I am calling the kettle "black"!  No pun intended! LOL! If you have to spit, openly blow your nose without a tissue or far worse, have that sick feeling of regurgitation . . . move to the FAR SIDE of the road and do what you need to do.  I have actually gotten spit/ blown on and even though it did land on my leg, I thought I was going to die!  UGH!!!! It's SO disgusting!  Even though Beyonce sings "TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT. . . " that does not apply to runners!  It's to the RIGHT, to the RIGHT. . .the FAR RIGHT!

These are just a few things to think about! I would love to hear your running stories and see how GROSS we can really be out there in our LIFE we call the MARATHON RUNNING! 

Be safe, Run Happy. . .Let's GO!
Posted on February 28, 2011 .