So, I just returned from Crown Point, Indiana for the first DIRTY RED 10K run! I was so nervous to meet everyone and see how many would actually show up for the event! It was great! There were a little over 80 people who made it to the event to help raise money for the Stand UP for Kids Organization in Indi
ana! Frank Johnson and Misty Chandos did an excellent job of putting th
is run together and making this event a fun one!

It was my first official 10K trail run and didn't do so bad! I stepped into a puddle of muddy water that I didn't expect but it was fun and I would do it again
in a heart beat. What really made me feel good is seeing all the runners in their TEAM shirts and wearing the same type of running gear that I wear to track their pace and time. You could tell we could be there all night taking about running.

In the mist of it all, it was a whopping 98 degrees in Indiana w
ith a humidity that was so high, it was like walking through a cloud of pure heat and something thick. I also had to brag about my 23 mosquito bite
s that I got from standing around talking to everyone! For me, it was all worth it! Misty and her community of runners have motivated me to keep going, keep running and just keep doing it all! Again, thank you Indiana and we will meet again! HAPPY RUNNING!


Posted on July 10, 2010 .