Solana Beach Tri/Duathlon Event

This weekend the San Diego Team completed the Solana Beach Duathlon Event! The weather was perfect and slightly misty in the morning with an overcast for the entire event!  For training, both Annie and Nicol were able to get spin classes in along with some running as well.  

The one thing that helped both ladies complete the event strong was their strength training!  Annie has recently discovered "Gravity" Training.  Gravity training is a dynamic pulley system that accommodates full joint range of motion with an array of functional, multi-plane movements to target specific client objectives.  Gravity has nine calibrated levels of incline resistance to provide the ideal intensity for an individual's muscular ability using the individual's body weight that challenges proprioception throughout an exercise.  Gravity has made Annie stronger and leaner in just a few weeks along with her regular diet and exercise.
Annie got 4th place in her age category
Nicol got 1st place in her age category
Nicol is an advanced Body Pump Instructor for Les Mills and the instructors are trained to teach and pump at the same time.  Pump training 2-3 times a week with RPM (spin) training, road riding and running twice a week has been very helpful in completing this event.  

Multi-sports is a growing phenomenon particularly amongst runners because it is a great way to cross train and do something a little different to spice up a workout.  Many of us swim for fun, run for passion and bike for social.  When you actually take it a little more seriously, you will be HOOKED to multi-sports and multi-sporting events!

If you are thinking to get into a triathlon or duathlon it is always great to be a part of a group that can teach you the "in's and out's" of these events.  How to transition, swim in open water (which is NOT Nicol's favorite) and find events that would be suitable for you.  Sprint tri's and du's are a great way to start.  Do not get caught up in the word "sprint".  That means it is a much shorter distance than an Olympic Event or an IronMan event!  

(Notes from Nicol Akins) "I love doing duathlon's because I am not a big swimmer and not too fond of open water swimming!  The Solana Beach event and a handful of other duathlons here in San Diego are SO MUCH fun because you meet people from the TRI world and revisit old buddies in the RUNNING world.  For this event, I stayed calm, ran a pace I felt comfortable running and challenged myself on the bike now that I know what a good and fast pace I can push.  My initial goal was to keep my running at an 8 minute pace, run the first mile at 6:30-7 minutes and keep my bike pace between 18-20mph!  The weather was nice but windy. . . that became my challenge.  Near the end of the last 3 minutes, it is just like any running event, run for yourself and not others, look ahead for a target and go for it!  I followed a young woman for 2 miles.  I could NOT catch her.  I watched her pace and we had about 150 meters to go.  She began to slow down and my Track and Field kicked in!  Not only did I pass her, I passed 2 other women I didn't even know were there.  That is how you run for yourself!"

As always, keep enjoying your summer and HAPPY RUNNING!

Posted on July 25, 2010 .