My Commitment to Running!

So, it has been 2 weeks now and I have to say that my running regime has NOT been consistent. With family, work and being a part time instructor, I have lacked in the running category. This weekend, the family and I headed out for a mini vacation and I ALWAYS carry my running shoes. I was committed to running every morning to start my day and get things going!

The first day, we arrived and got settled into our rooms. The next morning, I popped up got on my DIRTY RED GEAR, my Garmin and sunglasses . . .guess what. . .NO RUNNING SHOES!

They were NO WHERE IN SITE! I tore up the room, suitcase and car looking for them. I have to say, I was pretty upset with myself and started to wonder, what has happened to my life long commitment to running?

Well, I have my first DIRTY RED 10K coming up in 2 days. I have to say, I am very nervous because I like to run hard and fast (not sure that will happen on Wednesday). I am in pretty decent shape but not sure if I am in 6 mile running shape. It seemed as though everyone and their mother was running this weekend. My husband and I noticed this guy at the pool who was VERY fit and had two very young children under the age of three. The next day, while I was pouting about not having my shoes, he rolls right past us as we took our family walk to the recreational center. Then you see people that you would not think would run, running up and down the community that day.

Sometimes, there are people who think that I would chose running over my family and that is simply not true. When it comes to family, they come first and I think that is what the universe was trying to tell me, it's time to have "family" time! We hit the pool, the rec center and had movie night as well. It was fun and VERY relaxing! My legs were pretty tired from teaching PUMP and SPIN class all last week, so I think I just needed a break!

I am very excited about going to Crown Point, Indiana for my first DIRTY RED 10K! It is amazing how things come together and people who I have NEVER met, come together to put on an exciting event to help the STAND UP 4 KIDS organization! I can not wait to be near the founder of TEAM DIRTY RED in Indiana and actually run with her and her crew! I want to thank everyone that will be there and I make sure I have video and pictures of the event.

Running will always be there for me and it will be there for you as well! Just make sure your priorities are straight, run happy and stay healthy! Let's GO!
Posted on July 5, 2010 .