That Post Run Freshness! HA!
I had to share this information from Runner's World. My running buddies (heck my regular buddies) would always laugh at me because I would always carry "handy wipes" with me for after the run. I hated smelling "EWWW" and to just clean myself off in places we will not discuss was an immediate need for me! So now, someone is making money off of my "you are so crazy, Nicol" wipes! Check it out!

Shower, To Go

522-1-mdWe’re runners. We sweat, and we’re busy. We don’t always have time to get in a proper shower—soap, shampoo, the whole bit—after a run and before heading off to something else… errands, picking up a child from school, even dinner with friends.

There have been a lot of times in my life where I’ve changed clothes in my car, post-run. I’m not ashamed of this. I think it’s a useful, crafty skill to have, doing the quick change in a parking lot without anyone seeing you or figuring out what you’re doing.

But even if you put on fresh, clean clothes, that doesn’t mean that you’re fresh and clean. What about the sweat (and possible odoriferousness that can come with) still on your person? And what if you’re not changing clothes at all, but, rather, wearing some great running apparel that transitions easily from run to, say, coffee shop?

Sure, sweat dries. And most people aren’t too stinky after one run. But I’ve found this little packet of Power Shower Body Wipes from Nathan Sports ($3.95, 10 wipes) to come in really handy.

Wiping down with one of these things is a lot easier than doing the whole wet-paper-towel-in-a-public-bathroom sponge bath that I’ve found myself doing before. And wiping down some sweatiness can make your next stop—the post office, a friend’s house, whatever—feel a lot more pleasant. The wipes have a light citrus scent (don't worry…they don't smell like baby wipes), and leave a refreshing, slightly cooling sensation.

But since we’re on the topic, if you have a story about changing from your running clothes in your car and getting caught story, do share! Just keep it G-rated.

Posted on May 24, 2010 .