I have to tell you, I got hooked to the 1/2 marathons a couple of years ago when I decided that I would NOT run another 26.2 mile race ever in my tiny, little life! Of course, I ran another marathon but I REALLY enjoyed the half marathon! Last year, I participated in a fitness challenge with Kate D Fitness (for charity) and I really enjoyed pushing myself and watching my GARMIN tell me if I was going too fast, too slow or that I was on the right pace! It was just long enough where I could still walk at the end but pass out for just 5 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes after running a marathon! LOL!

This weekend Team Dirty Red San Diego put in their 11 miler for the LaJolla 1/2 Marathon training. Of course, I missed the cut off and will not be participating (not happy about that) but the pace we kept throughout our training was pretty good and VERY encouraging! My body may look like it is still a
sprinter (which is really all that matters at this day in age) but my age is slowing my down and letting me run a little longer. If you are looking for a nice distance run that is not SO SHORT, you don't want to pay $25 to run a few miles and too long where you are paying a million dollars to run clear across town and when you finish you think . . . I could have driven here . . . try a 1/2 marathon! Here is a list of the BEST 25 half marathons for 2010! Grab your buddies and "GET THE RUNN'N!"

500 Festival Mini Marathon, Indianapolis, IN
Colonial Half-Marathon, Williamsburg, VA
Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville, Ky
Kiawah Island Half Marathon, Kiawah Island, SC
Parkersburg Half-Marathon, Parkersburg , WV
Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA
Happy and Safe Runnings!
ps . . . just 'google' the events above, you will find the link! HA!
Posted on April 12, 2010 .