To the entire TEAM DIRTY RED organization . . . Happy New Year! Big hugs and kisses to everyone! Can you believe that it is 2010? One decade is under our belts and with the highs and the lows of it all, running has been a part of it! Whether you just finished a marathon, 5K, 10K or ultra, you are ready to tackle the New Year!

The one thing that ALWAYS seem to amaze me is the unity that runners have when forming their groups and teams. TEAM DIRTY RED has definitely brought some flavor to some local events and running community. It has also built lasting and meaningful friendships that go beyond the paved roads, dirt trails and lake runs!

This year, let's continue to build a strong and meaningful running community, help others achieve their goals and challenge ourselves to get more people out there to run with us. As we all know, running is VERY rewarding and the fact that it keeps our weight and blood pressures down is another plus!

Make your goals, not only for the New Year but for the New YOU! Let's build our teams, challenge our members and get to know each other in new ways such as joining us on FACEBOOK and NING community blog!

Team Dirty Red Indiana is going to have their VERY FIRST DIRTY RED RUNNING 10K July 7, 2010! We will make a BIG DEAL of this event and get as many people involved! TEAM DIRTY RED will be working with the non-profit organization STANDUP4KIDS to get homeless kids off the street and back into a safe and educational enviroment!

If there are other ways that we can help, let us know but contacting us at info@dirtyredgear.com! Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY RUNNING!
Posted on January 4, 2010 and filed under "marathon running", "runners", "running groups", "teams".