Taking Care of Those Fantastic Feet!

If you love running, you love your feet and when you are training for your next running event, fitness challenge or just your regular, cardio workout your feet can really take a beating out there! With the hot summer weather and trying to get a good long run in, our feet tend to really heat and swell up. If you do not have the proper fitting shoes, your feet will blister and your toe nails can lift. So, first make sure you have the proper fitting shoe.

The one foot issue I would like to focus on today are those annoying BLISTERS! The ones we get on the bottom of our feet and between our toes! Here is some information on how runners get them, how we can prevent and treat those little bugars!
Blisters on the feet are usually caused by friction, typically between skin and sock. Excessive moisture due to sweaty feet or wet conditions can also lead to blisters. Wearing running shoes that are too small or tied way too tight can also cause blisters.

To prevent blisters altogether, make sure your shoes fit properly. You should have a little room in your toebox. Look for socks made of synthetic fabrics (not cotton!) such as Teflon or CoolMax, which wick moisture away from your feet, preventing the sock from bunching up and causing blisters. Also, buy socks with no seams and a smooth surface. Some runners wear double-layer socks created to deter blisters. The idea with those socks is that any friction occurs between the two sock layers instead of your skin and the sock.

If you already have a blister and it's not painful, just leave it alone, since the skin serves as protection. It will eventually break and the fluid will drain. If the blister is painful, then you should boil a needle for 5-10 minutes in water and once cool, carefully pierce the blister. Press the fluid out and use an antiseptic cream on it. Cover the area with a products such Band-Aid Blister Block or moleskin to protect against infection and provide cushioning.

Safe and Happy Running out there! Stay tuned for the TEAM DIRTY RED 2010 Running Challenge! GO TEAM!
Posted on August 29, 2009 .