Big Congrats to Team Dirty Red San Diego! Chad, Nicol, Annie and Francesca completed the AFC 1/2 Marathon! This marks the 32nd year of "America's Finest City" 1/2 marathon and man, was it a site to see! Over 7,700 running participants and nearly half were women! When this event first started, only 15% of the runners were women!

The weather this year was nearly perfect! For the first hour of the race, there was a nice harbor breeze and overcast! The sun came out just in time to warm you up after the race. There were no major injuries or unexpected happenings on the trail. Just a lot of very motivated and happy runners along the way!

Members of the team ran their personal best and are in recovery mode right now. Some great tips given to the group are the following (thanks to Uriah from the LinkedIn Marathon group):

* Stretch out - as much as you can afterwards [warm down]
* Ice bath or cold shower - this aids fast muscle repair
* Sports massage on the day or day afterwards
* No running the first week afterwards
* Swimming is great the week afterwards to stretch out
* Cycling after about 4 days rest
* Eat sensibly - put it is important to replenish yourself properly
* Early nights & plenty of sleep
* Lots of TLC & loving !!

If you are interested in our Marathon Training please contact me at! I will be more than happy to provide you with a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon training schedule based on Galloway Training Logs, Personal Training Logs and Running Certification experience as well!

After TEAM DIRTY RED gets through the "Resting and Recovery" phase this week, I will be working on "Staying Motivated". The left brain likes to take over and technically think of easy ways for your NOT to get out there and continue to run. Let's not let that happen and get out there!

Las Vegas Rock N Roll marathon will be my first marathon in 5 years due to back problems after having children! Those darn kids! LOL! I would not trade being a mommy for the world but there are ways to stabilize your core and get it strong again to tackle almost any workout! If you need any helpful information to get through your training contact us on the interactive site!


Happy Runnings!

Posted on August 18, 2009 .