After many attempts in getting new gear for our teams and special pricing as well, Dirty Red Gear will be offering TEAM gear on the web along with special TEAM DIRTY RED discounts! It was a bit of a journey but we have finally completed work on the DIRTY RED GEAR website from the inside out and will not be offering team discounts on the site for team members!

There will be a special code that will be given to you by your team leaders! If you would like to order TEAM GEAR, there will still have to be group purchases in order to get the gear in a reasonable amount of time.  "This will be implemented by the end of July and you can start purchasing during that week and beyond!"

Also for the 2009-2010 running season DIRTY RED is looking to update the TEAM logo and feel in order to attract more runners to help with their efforts in raising money for the Stand UP For Kids organization!  "The Stand UP for Kids Organization is very excited about the groups that we already have and would love our continued support in helping provide food, books and resources to kids that are homeless from the ages of 14-19 years of age"!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at! To learn more about the Stand UP for Kids organization in your town, please check them out at!

Happy Running! 
Posted on July 9, 2009 .