Keep Your Cool in the Summer Heat!

Hey Team Dirty Red Runners and Fans! With the heat rising and the training becoming more intense or just LONGER, you need to take care of yourself in the heat! It is summer time in the states and I have to say, I did a nice long run last week and regret that I didn't have my water! My head started to hurt and it took a while for me to recover. As soon as I got my hands on some water, my body was relieved almost instantly!

There are several ways that you can "beat the heat" this summer and here are a few that can help you through those hot training sessions!

"Miami Ice": When the temperature is extremely high and you have to get through your training run or competition you can take a thin wet sponge, place some ice cubes on top and then place your running cap over both. As the ice melts into the sponge, it can create a cool spot on your head and a nice trickle of water running down your neck! This worked well at the "Iron Girls 10K" in Delmar, CA!

"The Tucson Cold Cap": You can also keep your head cool in the extreme heat by soaking a baseball cap in water, put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or overnight before a morning run! This will keep your head and body nice an cool for those hot desert runs!

"The Badwater Bandanna": Lay a bandanna out in a diamond shape. Place a row of ice cubes in a horizontal line, just below one tip of the bandanna. The fill it up "like a burrito" and tie it around your neck. This is the great way to keep runners cool and it feels wonderful!

For more information on how to "keep your cool this summer", check out,7120,s6-238-267-269-11985-0,00.html!
Posted on June 21, 2009 .