DiRTY ReD Indiana Tackles Clinton Lake

Clinton Lake is another success for the DiRTY ReD Racing Team. Even with the unexpected cold tempature, wind and rain, the team proved once again, that 30 miles is "not that far"..
Congrats to Mike Groce for his very first distance longer than 17 miles! Who needs to run a marathon when you can run an ultra, right? Bob Sweitz ran an awesome race, he is ready to sign up for The Dances With Dirt 50 miler in September. Congrats to Josh for doing your measly 30 miles! Good luck on your 100 miler in a few weeks. Your team will be cheering for you! Frank, great job as always! Noelle and Brian, welcome to the land of ultra running! Great job! 
We had a great time in DeWitt this weekend. I hope the rest of the team wants to join us there next year. Team DiRTY ReD Indiana is well known down at Clinton. Next time we will need some more red shirts! 

Great job team!
Posted on May 12, 2009 .